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Monday, April 4, 2022

New Smyrna to Palm Coast, dock

Seriously, not much to be said about the trip. It was perfect -- perfect weather, perfect water, even perfect fellow boaters. We're clearly in a more polite section of waterway, where folks hail you to ask if they can give you a slow pass. Like they ought to.

The only trick to this section of the ICW is manatee zones, which are many and long. So the day takes a little longer to do. We're happy to do this since we love the manatee.

This was a sad stretch of waterway when it came to derelict boats. We must have past 11 on this day, which isn't particularly long. A frequent topic on various boater forums are anchor restrictions, where municipalities are trying to avoid "sunken boats" by disallowing anchoring near or around them. We get why. Keeping boats out of anchorages won't solve the problem, which is what do you do with the boats already sunk? Unlike cars, there's no profit in salvage (fiberglass doesn't recycled well). I don't even think owners get fined, or finding them is another pricey task. So they sit.

Who can look you down with just one eye?
The peli-can!

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