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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Jekyll Island to Brunwick, slip

This wasn't how we planned the day. But sometimes you gotta go with the flow.

The winds howled a fair bit last night, rubbing us up and down on the dock at Jekyll. As a result, I didn't get a solid night's sleep. When we woke around 5:30 am things had calmed down to around 10 mph. We didn't waste time. We fired up the engines and headed out at first light.

We could no longer push off fueling up. If the day had been better yesterday, we would have gotten fuel at Jekyll even though the prices were high. But the winds made getting on and off the dock a number of times -- once to get fuel, then off, then again to dock -- unappealing. It had, however, been the song so far. We've pushed off getting fuel all this time because the winds have been so treacherous. 

The wind was coming from our port side.
That made getting docked... interesting.
Today we had to do it. We headed for Brunswick, which was only one hour of travel. They opened their fuel docks at 8 am, and we were on it by 8:10. This was doable because the winds remained fairly calm throughout the morning. Everyone knew, though, big, nasty winds were coming, due to start beating around noon. We only took on a bit, enough to comfortably get us to Savannah. The marina there, a yacht club, will give us member rates. About $3.90. A steal theses days.

Unlike all the other marinas we'd been to of late, Brunswick Landing had a bunch of slips available. The plan was to fuel and get going, trying to be anchored before the big winds hit. But, really, we're in no hurry. We have no real place to get to. We asked if we could stay the night.

I liked the "Be Aware!" sign.
Keep in mind this all happened (engines on, getting up the East River, docking, and fueling) before we ate breakfast. And by the time we were pushing off the dock the wind had started to grow. So when they assigned us a slip down a fairway and next to the rip-rap wall (that's fancy boat talk for "rock"), I nearly had a meltdown. But we did it without much issue -- fighting the wind a little but we set her up early and let the wind push us down the fairway until we just bumped her back into the slip.

That all accomplished by 8:30 I took the opportunity to do laundry. We had lunch with neighboring loopers who stopped by to see inQuest (apparently, they're about done with the loop and will sell then buy the right boat). We get that a lot. 

Russ took this from the end of our dock.
This water isn't that big, but the winds were so bad
we got a fair bit of chop. Quite a day.

We looked at the weather for tomorrow, knowing things will calm down tremendously. To our surprise, way tremendously. So much so we're planning a long day outside. We're going to make the run from here to Savannah. On the Atlantic.

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