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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Beaufort to Cedar Creek, anchor

I was frustrated last night, and Russ was frustrated this morning. By 9 am nearly everyone on our fairway was gone. So... no one to tangle with now! No wind and very little current made Russ just want to leave. We'll be back. Hopefully with less drama. 

Getting out was trivial -- the big boat was easy to avoid and the boat on the other t-head was gone. From Beaufort we go northward, headed for the Neuse River. The trip only takes 2 hours to reach the river but in that time the calm winds got gusty. 20 - 25 mph, gusty. Moreover, the river's orientation runs northeast/southwest. The winds were coming from the northeast, and that meant big chop on the water. While it's never happened to us we've heard stories of the Neuse having 9 foot seas. The winds weren't that bad, but the chatter on the radio called the water "lumpy." We opted to drop a hook. Tomorrow (and the weekend) would be fantastic. We could use a little fantastic.

More derelict boats!
We already have reservations at River Forest in Belhaven, and we're planning on dinner at Spoon River Artworks (one of the best stops on the ICW). We're both looking forward to it.

Calm doesn't mean without hazards.
Lots to avoid on the Cedar Creek.

This is one of the advantages we have for knowing
our height AND being less than 17 feet.
In the distance, you can see the bridge is up. It comes down
and we simply go under. Russ takes down all the antennae
and our radar (which is hinged) just so we can do this.
Otherwise, we'd wait. For an hour.

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