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Monday, April 25, 2022

Chesapeake to Hampton, slip

While the winds that are coming aren't the worst we've experience, we are now on the open waters of the Chesapeake Bay. We know from experience it can get very bad. So we decided to not go too far but get to somewhere we hadn't been. Thus, Hampton.

Our original plan was to explore the small waterways around here, the ones that are the most historic. Towns like Jamestown and Yorktown are all right here. Fun fact: while these towns were settled by way of ships there are no nearby marinas for boats. There are a few anchorages, and we thought about that. But we also need to reprovision a bit (haven't been to a Costco since Longboat Key). We opted to stay for 5 or 6 days, rent a car, explore the touristy areas and shop.

The bustle of Norfolk
We didn't get an early start because the day would be short. But it's slow going through Norfolk. It's kind of funny that you spend a couple of peaceful days on the Dismal only to be dropped into one of the busiest ports on the east coast. Norfolk. Between a myriad of container ships that come to swap goods to the military vessels here for repairs or upgrades, it seem like all we did was glue our eyes to the live charts looking for AIS signals of ships coming or going.

Downtown Norfolk!

Peeking out under a RR bridge

Yep, even here, derelict boats.

Hampton ahead
The slip we're in is along a wall. We sterned in so we could get on and off easily. It wasn't too tricky but it took us 2 attempts. Wind... again.

PS. I had no idea Newport News wasn't a rag.

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