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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Brunswick to Savannah, dock

I love it when a plan comes together.

Up at 5:30 we made coffee, turned on the running lights, and headed out around 6:30, well before sun up. The channel out was wide so we didn't fret about doing it in the dark. By the time we reached the main channel the sky was bright enough to see.

While it wasn't as calm as the forecasts predicted, the ocean was only 1 foot, sometimes choppy, sometimes swells, but smooth. Talk about serendipity: we had an outgoing tide leaving so occasion we made 10 knots, we missed hours of winding, twisty waterway of the ICW that's rife with shoals and low spots, AND we had an incoming tide push us to our marina. Serendipity!

In Brunswick, minutes before leaving
We fueled up first and pumped out, then took our slip. By now I was hungry, which is never a good thing when docking, so getting in wasn't as easy as I hoped. The current and wind made lining up tricky. We did get it done, but emotions flared.

Otherwise, the day was amazing. We'll be on the lookout for great days to take the trip outside.

This is our AIS view. Many other boats had the same
idea. AIS makes is easy to see other boat and know,
at a glance, their position, their direction, and their speed.

The view most of the day.

WHAT a difference a day makes!

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