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Monday, April 18, 2022

Hangin' in Carolina Beach

Eating donuts! The only make one, a glazed
similar to Krispy Kreme. Very fresh and warm.
We moved daily. From the ball we went to a t-head at a small marina. That allowed us to do laundry, get pumped out, and get some shopping done. And get donuts. The storm and wind came last night so cruising a distance didn't sound like a wonderful idea, but staying on the dock wasn't necessary either. We moved back to the ball.

On the t-head, watchin' the boats go by.
And the pelican just bobbin' around.

We'll put in a longer day tomorrow. This storm will have passed. More importantly things look really nice Tuesday, and that would be a great day to be on the Neuse, a very wide body of water that can be snotty.

My windy app. All that red stuff on the right
is coming right at us! The worst, however,
is over.

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