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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Calabash to Carolina Beach, ball

Getting to be the routine: Up early, out by 6:30, and off we go. Lovely day today. Kinda overcast, calm winds (that changed later but we were already moored), good water. 

We crossed a larger body today, Cape Fear River, which is a shipping channel. Most times we've been there some freighter was coming in or out, and today was no exception. Those ships are truly awesome.

Pretty dawn
We got on the ball early, around 11:30. We dropped the dinghy and headed into town, which everyone says is cute. Carolina Beach is a throwback to old beach towns. It's small, but has all the tourist favorites: restaurants, ice cream shops, fishing tours, and chachkas shops. We ate in a Mexican place that had "camarones al mojo de ajo" and while it was good, it wasn't that. Unless they confused "ajo" with "champinons" (garlic for mushrooms). 

If you look close someone took half a boat
and made it a shelter on their dock.
Tomorrow we have reservations at a marina here on a t-head. We'll move early so we can enjoy the day. There's a donut shop in town, Britt Donuts, that must be something -- they had a line out the door and down the block. I'm hoping to give those a try.

The ride on the Wackamaw, yesterday.

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