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Monday, July 31, 2023

Colonel By to Chaffeys Lock, wall

Yesterday was an awesome day. We had brunch, did some hiking on Colonel By Island, some swam, napped, then had dinner, and played some games. We even had a small evening rain that produced an awesome rainbow.

Today turned into a longer day than anticipated. The plan was to anchor out somewhere on one of these cute lakes, surrounded by cuter islands. 

We tried a couple of places in Newboro Lake -- nothing marked on charts, just "this looks nice so let's stay here" attempts. But found nothing for our anchors to hold onto.

Both boats then headed to Stouts Bay, a known anchorage, marked on charts and rated. But try as we may (2 vessels, both Highwind and inQuest, dropping anchors and dragging) we could not find mud or sand or anything grabby -- just rock and tons of weeds. Mega-tons of weeds.

Colonel By Island
So we continued to the next lock and tied up on their gray line. Like many of these locks, lovely parkland surrounds them. Certainly not a bad place to end up.

From Colonel By Island you can just see inQuest through the trees.

David's in the dinghy, Russ and Hannah are swimming.
I am photo-documenting. Hey! It's an important job!

Quite the rainbow!

We locked down at Chaffeys (it's all down from here to Lake
Ontario!) then got on the wall right next to the lock.
We can touch the wall behind us.

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