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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Montebello to Petrie Island, anchor

Just as we arrived at the marina yesterday the winds came up, blowing around 20+ knots. Even on a dock we splashed around a bit until we headed out to dinner at the Aux Chantignoles, which was wonderful. And by the time we got back to the dock, after 10:30 pm, everything calmed.

Hannah's selfie was taken after dessert.
... and about 4 bottles of wine.
Hey! We were there for 3 hours!
Russ and David picked an anchorage about half way to Ottawa, making for a 3 hour trip today. The skies were still overcast from the storm that passed overnight (rained like wild around 2:30 am). But as we traveled the skies cleared, and the water was flat.

To our surprise the high rating for this anchorage was due to a cute beach and tiki bar just on the island. Some exploring will happen!

The rustic interior of the restaurant.

The winds churning up the water on the right.
You can see inQuest down the pier on the left.

The beach at Petrie Island

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