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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Ottawa -> Dowe's Lake -> Hogback, wall

Being our last day in Ottawa we wanted to provision before heading through the rest of the Rideau. That, and do an escape room.

Also, being boaters, we change our minds of what we want to do an any given moment.

The plan had been get up, have brunch, do the escape room, do some shopping (which included Costco), head to Dowe's Lake for the night.

Due to lock and bridge schedules it changed to: get up, head to Dowe's lake, dinghy bikes/scooters to shore to go to escape room, bike/scooter to Costco, uber back to dinghies, back to the boats.

We started there. It was after the escape room while eating lunch we thought, "Hey, what if we went through the next couple of locks which get us closer to the Costco, and we can uber from there?"

So we got back on our scooters and bikes, went back to the boats, and did the next 3 locks. From there we got an uber, shopped at Costco, and ubered back.

Getting bikes/scooters to shore
Oh yeah. We were exhausted by nightfall.

But we were some of the fastest escape artists the place has seen. Out with 20 minutes to spare. Woo hoo!

This was one outstanding escape.

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