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Monday, July 24, 2023

Hogsback to Long Island, wall

Heading south!

After an exhausting but crazy productive day, today was about some down time. Well, for us anyway. The Highwind folks had to work. Which was why we got off the Hogsback lock wall around 8 am, so we could be done with at couple of locks and stop for the day by 10-ish.

The first lock (Black Rapids) was pretty quick. 2 boats were waiting but weren't in a hurry, so they let us lock ahead of them.

The second lock, Long Island Lock, was another step lock with 3 chambers. Boats were locking up already when we arrived, so we tied off to wait. That was delay enough that Hannah needed to be on a phone call at 10. And then a couple of boats wanted to lock down, so an even greater delay. In that time, the 2 boats that let us pass at Black Rapids joined us.

Russ and I volunteered to keep inQuest on the blue line and crew Highwind to get them through the locks and on the wall, then come back and do ourselves. Neither of the 2 other boats wanted to lock with Highwind, so we had the chamber to ourselves on the way up. Hannah finished her call early so Russ and I were officially dismissed, and headed back to inQuest.

Our boats didn't break but
the lock did. You can see the
legs of the person fixing it.
Eventually we locked up with the 2 other boats (who were NOT boaters, so this was a slow process). By the time we got on the park pier it was nearing 12:30 pm.

All in all, slower than we planned, but no disasters. Hey, we even had 2 engines all day.

Ever have one of those days, where you work and work
 but don't seem to be getting anywhere?

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