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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Petrie Island to Governors Bay, anchor

Due to a poorly timed rain storm we weren't able to get to the beach for eats. Such is boat life. Instead Russ made everyone some mushroom stroganoff for dinner. Thus, we narrowly escaped another dinghy adventure!

The ride here was perfect. No issues, nice day, and quite short. We're in Ottawa proper now, but waiting to get on the town wall. We're hoping we be there for the weekend so we don't want to get there too soon (technically, it's a 2-day limit, which we're hoping we can stretch).

Ottawa! Capitol of Canada!
Governors Bay is a small bay just beneath the Governor's mansion. Boats go by us on the Ottawa River, so we wake a bit. Otherwise, it's quite quiet. Although I have heard distant bagpipes.

Winds topped off just over 40 knots during the storm last night.

But after we had a dramatic sunset.
The large band on top is the storm leaving.

Behold! The Governor's abode!

Russ took Alex to downtown where he'll start his trek
back to Orlando. We'll catch up with him this winter.

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