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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Pierre Island to Boucherville, anchor

Not a long day but Hannah and David had to get to work by noon. We were up and out early!

Typically we use Navionics to suggest a route and follow it (not blindly, mind you). As we headed south we notice a split in the channel. Turns out the north side was called a "small craft" channel. Hey, it got us off the main channel, and the container ships therein! 

It was an awesome ride. Not only were the depths nice (rarely saw anything less than 20 feet) but it was wider than the main channel, so we traveled about 1/2 a knot to a full knot faster.

We know because our buddy boat, Highwind, took the main channel. For science!

Awesome weather, awesome water.
Such a good day.
Since we dropped the hook the boating density around us increased. When we got here there were kayakers and fishermen. Now we're surrounded by jet skis, small boats, huge tour vessels, and pontoon boats, all zipping by and playing music as loud as they can. Folks are dancing, singing, swimming, splashing, drinking... oh, and waking the snot out of us.

Clearly, despite being a Wednesday, this is a holiday.

You can see the Olympic Stadium in the distance.

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