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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

TR to Lapierre Island, anchor

There were no incidents at all today. Yay!

When we were last in TR Russ contacted a boat parts company about generator impellors. They didn't have any at the time but could order them. Russ did that, knowing we'd stop by this way coming back.

First thing this morning Highwind headed to the anchorage around 7 am. Russ and I ate a quick breakfast, then he dinghied to the boat place. Despite the drizzle all that went according to plan. Around 8:30 we were underway.

I forgot to share this earlier. This is the lock
at Port Quebec. While going to dinner we
walked across it. They stuffed 11 boats in there. 
We were against the river current the entire way, making the trip about 4 hours. Highwind had already anchored, so we just sidled up to her.

Montreal, sadly, won't be a destination for us. Turns out there is a construction workers holiday that lasts 2 weeks, and it's going on right now (it's the last 2 weeks of July). As a result there are no slips available for us in Montreal until after Aug 6. We discussed heading to Kingston as planned, then back up the Thousand Islands and to go Montreal. We'd be with the river current, so that would help.

By 3 in the afternoon the rain had passed.
This is the Lapierre Anchorage.
But we all agreed it would be out of the way. Moreover, going through the Erie Canal would require us to head back up the river, so we'd probably just go back through Lake Champlain instead. And that seemed just silly -- we just did that.

Plan B? Get to Kingston, and from there take a train to Montreal to spend a night. That way we can take our time and enjoy what's to come; Ottawa and The Rideau.

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