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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Long Island to Long Reach anchorage, anchor

Last night between rain, dinner, games, and frankly old age we totally forgot to check our power levels. Once we realized that mistake it was already 9:15 pm. Normally we wouldn't have worried about it (we'd just start the gennie!), but we shared the t-head with a third boater, and they were on our stern, close to the generator. We hesitated to ruin a nice quiet evening for them, but we had no choice. Russ ran the generator for about 30 minutes and boosted the batteries enough to comfortably make it through the night, and maintain the "quiet hours" for the park, which started at 10 pm.

By the time we got underway this morning the gennie was already running. This section of waterway was a little deeper, so we made water too.

It's about 30 miles to the next lock, which was longer run that what we wanted to do. So Highwind put down an anchor about mid-way and we tied up next to her. We'll do the rest tomorrow.

Since this anchorage didn't exist before we put the hook down we're naming it. Russ called it Long Reach, since that's the name of this stretch of land nearby. We're posting it to Waterway Guide.

Still some short bridges in the area.

But overall, been a pretty ride.

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