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Monday, July 17, 2023

St. Anne -> Voyageur Park (anchor) -> Montebello, marina

2 short days of travel. No incidents either days, which we like.

Hannah and I wanted to take one last trip to the grocery before leaving St. Anne. David and Russ wanted to visit the aviation museum. Alex wanted to make everyone a nice lunch (which was wonderful). As a result we hung out for a while before locking up and out of the quaint town right round 2 pm.

Following Highwind
The plan was to get to the next lock and hang out on its wall until Monday, then lock through. Turned out the lock closed later than we thought, and getting through it would make the next day easier. We all pushed a little harder and reached the lock at 5:15 pm. The last lock our was was 5:30.

Carillon Lock is the biggest in Canada, and 3rd biggest in North America (we're pretty sure we've been through the other two on the rivers). It goes up 65 feet. We entered through a huge garage door looking thing that opens upward. Like many locks in Canada, we tied to a floating pier, which is tied to bollards that float up as we go. So no work for us once we get into the lock. Moreover, there are a couple of lockmasters there to help with lines. (We love Canada locks).

Alex made a wonderful timelapse of the lift.

David, Hannah, and Russ, in the Ottawa River
Once through we dropped the hook near a national park, where some of us took a quick swim. It was here we made our final plans to get Alex to Montreal to catch his flight home. It became clear we were in a sparsely populated area, devoid of convenient mass transit, until we got to Ottawa. So we're putting the spurs to getting close to Ottawa by Wednesday.

Up early on Monday he headed to the town marina in Montebello. The resort here, while in the middle of nowhere, is known for having the world's largest log cabin. It's quite a Canada destination. We're told they have a wonderful restaurant as well, so we made reservations for dinner Monday evening.

A bit overcast, but clearly a lovely valley.

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