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Friday, July 28, 2023

Kilamarnock to Smith Falls, wall

We had 4 locks again -- seems to be the way these are laid out. The first was only a half hour away, then a 2 chamber step lock, then a very short trip to the last one. Highwind and we locked together with no one else in the way. Made it all go much faster.

Smith Falls is a more sizable town, and a bit of a destination for us. Russ had ordered a new/spare starter for the engine and had it shipped here. Now we have a backup, should we need it. Hoping not ever, though.

Highwind and inQuest, over the falls.
The gray line is almost right out of the lock, just on the right. Some sections of it had power, which many folks clamor for. We didn't need it, and cooler weather is coming tomorrow. Of late our only use for it was running the AC without concern. As I'm typing this, it's 84 degrees, overcast, with a wonderful breeze. No AC needed today.

We originally were put right over the falls of Smith Falls. The lock master caught up with us a couple of hours later asking forgiveness -- the Karwatha Voyager was coming and that's the space they use. Once a couple of other boats moved we crept forward, just enough to get out of the cruiser's way.

With its bow up the Karwatha Voyager reminds me of Daffy Duck.

As the Karwatha Voyager comes out of the lock
it's lowering its bow, which it needs upright to fit.
They built these cruise ships (24 state rooms, I'm told)
to fit on these waterways. So the bow folds up and
the pilot house comes down to get under certain bridges.

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