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Saturday, July 22, 2023

SH or SH, and explanation

Russ took apart the starter from the engine. He and David (of Highwind) discovered that a cable was broken. Everyone hoped simply repairing that would fix it, but it did not.

While working on the stern deck another boater came by. His name is Dave. "May I entice you to take a wee dram of whiskey with me?" he asked.

"That sounds lovely," Russ said, "but I'm in the middle of this mess," as he waved a hand over starter pieces covering the floor.

"What seems to be the problem?"

Russ went into the story of how the starter died on our way up the steps and fixing the broken cable. Turns out Dave knows a guy right here in Ottawa. "Orville. That's the name. Been fixing alternators and starters for the last 30 years." He even offered to bike with Russ Friday to Orville's garage.

Orville's workshop
After a slightly soggy bike ride Friday morning Russ found Orville(Orville N. Baptiste, if you're trying to find him) and dropped off the starter. Some eyeing and grumbling took place. "These thing should last a hundred years!" Orville told him. He didn't have the parts but could definitely get it back to us by Monday. Russ agreed to that, and biked back to the boat.

He and I spend a rainy afternoon exploring downtown Ottawa -- picking up some deliveries from the post office then grabbing a lunch at the SconeWitch (which was so tasty!). Then some naps.

We woke when his phone rang. It was Orville.

"I got the starter running for you," he said. "But you really need to figure out why this happened. These things should last 100 years!"

The rain behind us, Russ biked back, picked up the starter, and installed it.

The starboard engine started right up on the first try.

Boating. SH or SH... Shit happens or serendipity happens. This has largely been the case for us.

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