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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Smiths Falls -> Perth -> Colonel By Island, ball

While having dinner at a picnic table in one of these lovely parks Carol and Larry Olsen (crew of Meraki) stopped by to say "hi." They are doing our loop in reverse, still heading to Ottawa. So we shared some "what to see if you hadn't planned on it" ideas. One of theirs was to see Perth. You can't really get there by big boat, but you can dinghy to it from the lock.

After we left Smiths Falls that's just what we did. We got on the Beveridge Lock wall, then we all climbed aboard Highwind's dinghy and went to Perth for the afternoon. 

Very cute town, and worth the 45 minute dinghy ride. We went to a brewery, then did some mini-golf, then ate dinner at a German restaurant. The day started out rainy, but as we headed to Perth it stopped, and by the time we came back it was sunny. Quite cool, too. A nice reprieve from the sticky heat we'd been having.

Locking up in the dinghy

Perth! No, not Australia.

Getting ready for some putt-putt.

The ride back was just before sunset, and gorgeous.

Happy dinghiers.

To get to Perth we had to lock through 2 locks. The consequence of that was locking back down, and the lock hours. Given our late start we didn't get back to the locks until 7:30 pm or so, and they closed at 6pm. Hannah and David tied it up to the lock and we walked back to the boats. 

This morning, we headed out right away since we wanted to get a little fuel. Hannah and David had to wait for the locks to open (9 am) to lock down their dinghy. They didn't get underway for until 11 am, as a result.

Colonel By Island
Russ picked this island because it was a national park and had mooring balls. After a calm and lovely cruise here we snagged a ball. I'm hoping to do some hiking on the island. People are already in the water swimming. 

Canadians are a hearty folk!

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