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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Trois Rivieres to Quebec City, marina

The red line marks speeds over 10k.
And that was most of the day.
Getting to and from Quebec City is all about timing. The St. Lawrence River flows east to the Atlantic. Right at TR, it starts to get tidal, changing by half a foot, which is not much. By Quebec City, however, it's 17 feet. SEVENTEEN. Add to that some sections where the river narrows (called The Rapids) and this gets to be an exciting ride. At normal speeds (we tend to travel about 8.5 knots) the distance between TR and QC is over 8 hours. Time it right to ride the outgoing tide and it's around 6 hours. 

The "thunder moon" at Trois Rivieres
Knowing that we left TR around 9 am to catch that outgoing tide. The trip went as planned. Our speed topped at one point near 15 knots, which was very fast for us. During narrower sections the water roiled, looking very unsettled. The ride was smooth, however. The only obstacles to be aware of were occasional freighters -- 6 or 7 passed us heading up river. We got passed by 1 heading down traveling 3 knots or so faster than us.

Roiling waters of "The Rapids"

Once we reached Quebec City we turned into a canal bounded by large walls. Just beyond that was the Port of Quebec Lock, and just beyond that was the marina. All this helps keep the lock from being affected by the 17 foot tide. We hailed to enter the lock and once in we were given our slip assignments. On the floating docks were maps, so while locking you could see exactly where you needed to go. Someone was even waiting by our slip to catch lines. It was a well run system.

Turn the corner and viola! Quebec City!
This marks the eastmost point of our travel this season.
We'll turn around from here and head back to Montreal.

In the Port of Quebec Lock.
We tie right onto floating docks, so there's not much to do.

So you go and see where you're slip will be...

The tasting at Laurie Raphael 
Once tied up and checked in we took a quick walk into old town. We did an impromptu tasting menu at a fancy restaurant (who oddly let us in despite looking like people lost at sea for 10 days). It was an outstanding meal, and an outstanding way to arrive in such an outstanding city. 

Walking the cobblestone streets of Quebec.

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