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Monday, September 28, 2020

Albemarle Plantation Marina

There's a joke that goes something like this: 

"Ask me what's the secret to good comedy?" 
"What's the secret to good--" 

It's also the secret to good boating. Always watch the weather, never be in a hurry, and never make plans. It's about timing.

Tucked in on the A dock.

Now that we're a bit more south, and dancing with temperatures in the mid- to upper-seventies we feel we can slow down a bit. We were looking for warm, but avoiding hurricanes. An area of exploration is on the Albemarle Sound. The locals call it the Albemarle Loop. We decided to check it out. Besides, if you register that your doing the loop each port will give you 2 nights free. Dandy for us!

Side story: our voting ballots were received by our club in Longboat Key last Friday. They are overnighting them us here, at the Albemarle Plantation Marina. But the soonest they could do that was Monday, so we'll get them Tuesday. Presumably.

The view this morning. Oh, yeah, GO DAY...
But we can't go just yet.
Given that, we left Elizabeth City bound for the plantation. The trip was just over 4 hours. We watched the weather and left around 8 am. The ride was absolutely placid, getting just slightly choppy coming into the marina. A perfect day on the water.

The marina is part of a golf club, complete with a couple of restaurants, a golf course, heated pool, condos, and, for just $25, our own golf cart. Which is handy, since it's quite a walk from the boat to anywhere on the grounds. Lizzie is quite fond of it.

The plan was to leave on Tuesdays afternoon, after getting our ballots. But a storm is coming and it might be a couple of days before we can leave. Comfortably, anyway. It won't be far, just a couple hours of travel, but... I'm a definitive fair weather boater.

"Ask me what's the secret to good boating?" 
"What's the secret to good--" 
Wee little frog wanting to share our pizza today.

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