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Monday, September 21, 2020

Cobb Island (not the plan), anchorage

The crew of Bella Gatto had been on the hook for over 10 days. They seriously needed a marina to get some chores done. We were almost convinced to join then since we're going to have yet another cold night. But our plan is to be in Olverson's tomorrow, which is a marina. Our plan was to keep bopping down the south side of the Potomac and anchor in Colonial Beach.

Not the best water today. Thankfully it was 
following waves, so the ride was fine.

However, just after we crossed under the Gov. Harry Nice Memorial Bridge we were hailed by a range boat, telling us to hug the Maryland side (just like we did when we came up the Potomac last week). We didn't see any activity now or then, so I think it's a hoax. But that small adjustment added about 40 minutes to our travel time and, well, since we already on the Maryland side... we just went back to Cobb Island.

Easy to do since we could just follow our bread crumbs. We even knew exactly where to drop the anchor!

Why our cold weather? Hurricane Teddy
is sucking it down from the north.

Russ struggles with the grass on the anchor
while Bella Gatto float in the distance.

Lunch at Scuttlebutt's. Not great food but
they have a handy dinghy dock.

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