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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Bohemia Bay, anchorage


A bit foggy when we got up this morning. But no rain or storms as the weather had predicted. So we took our time with coffee, breakfast, and getting Lizzie to shore. We pulled up the anchor around 9:30 and took a small cruise to the Bohemian Bay Yacht Harbor. 

Memorial Day of last year we were here for a few days, timing our travel down the Delaware, which can be tricky. So we knew the bay itself is thin (around 7 feet) and how to maneuver into the narrow channel of their entrance. Calm wind meant it was easy getting in, spun around, and sidled up to their fuel dock where we got some diesel and pumped out.

Bald eagle on a red buoy

A second bald eagle on a red buoy.

Third bald on a ... okay, clearly a glitch in the matrix.

Then we moved just offshore to anchor out for the night. Our friend joined us a couple of hours later. Labor Day weekend is coming up, and our friends John and Martha (crew of As You Wish) are heading our way to do some boat shopping. We have itineraries to discuss!

Bella Gatto on anchor with us in Bohemia Bay.

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