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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Harness Creek, anchorage

Leaving Annapolis, I felt we really didn't get a chance to explore the historic town. We spend a full day there but rented a car and ran a bunch of errands, including doing some bulk laundry (bed blankets) which meant finding a laundromat. It was clear that there was a lot of charm and awesome architecture, and we could have spent days exploring. Next time we will. That said, we won't be using the main field of mooring balls. Beyond a bridge there are more. While the front is convenient, it's in the middle of a number of channels that surround it. Making it quite bouncy throughout the day. Not to mention a bit noisy.

Gray day.

We did get a visit from Martha and John, our friends from As You Wish. That boat is up for sale. (They even got an offer today, so fingers crossed). They came up to Annapolis to look at prospects for "the next boat." Finger crossed for that, too! We miss 'em!

Not a long ride here. Winds were calms and so was the bay, But a very dreary day. As we were setting the anchor it started to rain. Predictions are is will be a wet night.

Thomas Point Light House. Marks a LONG shoal
that juts into the bay. It's the reason we swing wide
on the route map above.

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