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Monday, September 14, 2020

Leonardtown, City Docks

I didn't sleep well last night. When we went to bed the weather predicted a small craft advisory in our area starting at 10 am Monday morning. I've learned that weather is just chaos, and such predictions could be wrong. Could be sooner, could be later. And since we went to bed with a "we'll see how it is tomorrow" agreement, I tossed and turned. I am a fair weather boater. (Okay, there are a couple of side stories that added to my frustration.)

Despite the SCA, reasonable water

As luck would have it the advisory started at 8 am. We got up at 5:30, largely from my tossing, and went back and forth about going, not going. The trip wasn't far, only 3 hours, and most of that time would be on the protected bays leaving and arriving. The last bit of information was that the winds would be northerly, and we are traveling west with a north coastline. At 6:45 we had anchors up and made the run.

...and it was awesome. Mostly 1 footers or less. About mid trip, when we were farthest from the north shore, 1-2s. Comfortable all the trip. Worth doing.

Parked at the new free dock of Leonardtown
Russ read up on the little town and discovered they have a new free city dock. FREE!!! So, that's where we ended up.

Side story #1: Back in Solomons, when Russ used the hooka to clean our running gear, we had a small pet incident. Lizzie, we learned, is terrified of the compressor. It's noisy when it runs, but I think what gets her is when it stops -- it gives off a very loud hiss. I found her shaking on the steps while Russ was under. I was nearby to help manage the air tube, but picked her up and held her for a while. She stopped trembling. Russ came to the surface, so I went to see if I could help. She followed me, right on my heels, out the back and down to the swim platforms, and she NEVER does that. Moreover, they're slick for her and I really didn't want her to take a swim. I put her in the master bedroom and closed the door while I gave Russ a hand. Much later that night we noticed a large wet spot on the bed. She NEVER does that either. Because I didn't discover it until bedtime most everything was soaked. We bagged all the bedding in plastic bags and stuck them in the shower while I put on a second set of spare sheets (thankfully we had a spare set). After some quick research we discovered a laundry fairly close by in Leonardtown. And I REALLY wanted to get them washed (mostly the blankets) because this cold front -- the one that brought on the SCA -- will be dropping night temps to the low 50s. So added pressure to go on a day what might be a terrible day to go. (We did the blankets, all good now.)

While doing laundry I noticed this... vehicle.
Side Story #2: New boat, new gadgets, and, wouldn't you know it, we're low on fuel. Finding a marina that a) we can get into and out of and b) carries enough fuel for us (no, we aren't planning on filling the tanks but 100 would be good) and c) nearby so we can reach it without the aid of SeaTow has been a challenge. So... what if the guages are more wrong than we think and while on crazy rough waters we run out? (We'll get fuel first thing tomorrow.)

Oh yeah. Bad night's sleep.

Tonight will be a GREAT night sleep.

Sunset in Leonardtown

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