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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Fairlee Creek, anchorage

Last night, after our socially distant gathering, we had a squall go through. Just minutes before it hit Russ mentioned that our scope was only 5 to 1. Typically in a storm you want it at least 7 to 1 or closer to 10 to 1. Adjusting that for us is a bit of a bother, since we have to undo our bridle to let out more rode, then re-attached it. But we had luck and there wasn't enough of a breeze to move us just yet. Russ was able to adjust our bridle and put out way more scope without having to start the engines.

(Quick recap: rode is the line -- in our case, chain -- that connects your boat to the anchor. The longer it is the less strain on the anchor in storms, thus it holds you in place. The ratios 5-1, 7-1, and 10-1 are calculations based on depth. We had 6 feet beneath our keel, which give us about 9 feet of water depth -- round up to 10, since easier. That times 5 or 7 or 10 (50, 70, or 100 ft) is how much rode we put out.)

Turns out it wasn't necessary at all, but we slept more soundly as the storm passed over us.

Getting into Fairlee Creek
So today, given similar weather warnings, when we put down out anchor we gave that puppy a decent rode. Which is a good thing because there are tornado watches in our area as I type this.

Fairlee Creek is tucked just off the Chesapeake on the east side. Getting into it is a bit of a trick. Russ had read about the approach (which is a narrow strip right along the bank) and the inlet (which can have a sizeable current). He needed that experience, so he took her in. He followed the bank up to the inlet, then made a 90 degree turn into the bay. Even though we timed our arrival to slack-ish tide, there was still a ripping current. If you don't make that turn quickly, you get pushed into a 2 foot shoal. We made it... but it was challenging for him. Exciting for me.

Lovely afternoon once we got the anchor set. Russ even went swimming. I made the dog go too -- she needs more practice paddling. She was in her life vest, of course. She was not amused. It was pretty clear she wanted to get back on the boat.

The storm here had gotten exciting...

We are the blue dot.

inQuest is the boat closest to the camera.
Jayne took this from her boat with her phone!

But all good... even a rainbow on the marina!

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