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Friday, September 4, 2020

Chestertown, anchorage

Russ taunted me this morning with "it's only 15 miles away" then added, "as the crow flies." 45 nautical miles later we arrived.

We're here for the Labor Day weekend. Typically that is a big boater weekend -- last of the summer, 3 days, warm weather -- and pandemics aside, folks want to enjoy their boats. When we got together with Foster, a man who knew the Chesapeake area very well, we asked where we could go to escape the holiday crowds and he recommended Chestertown. Remote, yet a real town with some of that colonial history. It was a 3 hour toot up here.

Recall last night's deluge? Russ is pumping out
water from the dingy, which only sat a couple of 
inches above the water line.

Upon arriving Russ noticed a boat already at anchor. "I think that's Briny Bug." As we neared, sure enough, it was. Briny Bug is crewed by Jill and Rudy Sachez, the "anchor people." They taught us how to anchor over a year ago.

After we got our anchor set, Bella Gatto did the same. The six of us went into Chestertown this evening and enjoyed a wine bar, seated outside.

More pics to follow, since we'll be here for a couple of days. I'm looking forward to the Farmer's Market tomorrow.  We need bread!

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