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Thursday, August 10, 2023

What to do in Kingston

For a tiny town Kingston has quite a bit to offer. Lots of shopping, lots of restaurants, and lots of attractions.

We did an Indiana Jones-themed escape room.
The decor was amazing -- we had to traverse bridges
(you can see on the left) and crawl through spaces.
Oh yeah... solved it! With no hints, even.

We took an express tour of the no-longer-in-use Kingston
Penitentiary. This is the guard house in the main cell block area.

Throughout the 4 days we were here we've had to contend with
a number of storms. Some wild weather.

This is from Cook Es. It's 2 scoops; the bottom was
peanut butter chocolate ice cream, but the top was a 
scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough. 
Not ice cream, actual cookie dough!

Kingston offered 2 escape room venues, so we tried them both.
This one was much more cerebral -- lots of puzzles, lots of thinking.
What would you expect from a Sherlock-themed escape room?

The goal was to get a stolen file back from Sherlock's
stalker, Irene Adler. Once we did so, this was inside...
it was a pic of us breaking into her place.

Flip that over, and written on the back. This was a wonderful detail to the game.
Which we solved...with only 5 mins to spare...without any clues.

On a walk I saw this cottage and had to take a pic.

We also ate out at a number of restaurants. There's an amazing variety, from Texas BBQ to Thai, from Mexican to fish and chips.

But tomorrow we'll head out, down the St. Lawrence, and spend the next couple of week in the Thousand Islands. Our buddy boat has an appointment in Brewerton, New York in late August. Time to start heading south.

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