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Friday, August 4, 2023

Morten Bay to Brewer Lock, wall (w/ power)

We decided to take a day off from traveling and enjoy Morten Bay for a day. Lots of cliffs to jump off of, and clear water to swim in, and trails to hike on. We even planned another dinghy ride to a nearby town to get some produce.

But. Rain. Storms with lightning and thunder came and went all day long, with some decent gusts and tornado watches. So, not a great day to travel but not a great day to be out and about, either.

Before we left the bay this morning we all piled into a dinghy to take a brief but steep climb on a nearby trail. After snapping some pictures, we got back on our boats and headed south.

We got 3 locks done today. There will be 4 tomorrow and we'll be back at sea level, in Kingston.

Morten Bay anchorage.

The view from our hike. We hoped to see the boats but 
they are just out of sight, behind the trees.

The ride back from the hike by dinghy.

Afternoon storms are a thing of late. This one happened
while on the wall at Brewer Lock.

In "boat trouble" news (since there hadn't been much for a while) we've been having problems with our water pump. It's supposed to run when you turn on the tap, then stop when you're done. But sometimes it keeps running. This was either due to air in the system somewhere or the pump going bad. Figuring option 2 Russ replaced it, but it did not fix the issue. He put the first one back on, and put this on the "something I need to deal with when we get to Baltimore" list. Which is growing.

This was the trip to Jones Falls. You get the idea of the little
twists and turns we make, snaking our way through the lakes
between Ottawa and Kingston.

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