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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Running errands

It's looking like tomorrow is going to be a blustery day. So rather than move and risk the next anchorage being more exposed, we've all decided to stay put. However, inQuest needed to get pumped out, watered up, and take on a little fuel.

So. That's just what we did. A number of marinas opened around 9 am, so we unrafted from Highwind and took a 45 minute cruise to Alexandria Bay. 

The city dock was our first choice, but they ran out of diesel. JPs Marina was open, but their fuel price was higher than Horizon Marina.

Unfortunately Horizon didn't actually open until 10 (and it was 10:15 before a person came to help us). We used that time to fill up our water tanks. New day docks had been installed since that last time we were here. I took a look at places that served breakfast, thinking we'd dock after getting this done and get some pancakes.

We made pizzas on the barbie last night,
hanging out on the stern of Highwind.
Fuel still isn't cheap, so we only got enough to comfortably get us to Brewerton, NY, where it is cheap. Well, cheaper. That we were prepared for. What we weren't prepared for was the $15 per tank pump out. We get that the equipment isn't free, but that's an insane price. And we have 2 tanks. Size doesn't matter, quantity doesn't matter, if you have to attach a hose to it, you get charged.

We got our fuel and pumped out. Then we left. The dockhand didn't get a tip, and a local restaurant didn't get any business. And, we gave them a bad review.

See what I did there?
The trip otherwise was without incident. We sidled neatly up to Highwind on our return and had fruit and yogurt for second breakfast. Which ultimately was a healthier decision.

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