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Friday, August 11, 2023

Kingston to Huckleberry Island, anchor

We got underway around 8:30 this morning. The idea was to get close to Gananoque (pronounced "gan-an-ahk-way") so we can go there this weekend. Having just been in a marina for a few days we anchored out. It's Friday night and the boaters are out en force. While we were the first to drop a hook within a couple of hours there were a dozen other boats enjoying their Friday afternoon.

Two noteworthy things about the trip. The first was getting out of our slip. The slip was double long, and throughout our stay there'd been a boat parked behind us. But the last day there, of course, was the biggest boat. That meant a little bit of planning and execution to wiggle out of the slip without hitting anything. And, we did -- smooth like butter! The owner of that vessel, clearly concerned, came out to watch. Russ was on the bow, making sure we were clear on all sides, when the guy called, "Not his first time, I take it?" To which Russ called back, "Her." I'm always amazed that no one thinks a woman can drive a boat.

Lots of boats enjoying the afternoon.
On the left, 4 are rafted together.
The second noteworthy thing was the Navionics route. We know the software cannot be completely trusted. We tend to correct or ignore its ideas as we go. At one point Russ was driving and mentioned that it was taking us out of the channel for some reason, and he was going to respect the ATONs. I was playing a game so I heard and understood that, but wasn't paying attention to specifics. A few minutes later he got a phone call, so I took over. We were on the Navionics route still, so I kept following, assuming whatever he mentioned had passed. 

Nope, it hadn't. What I was seeing on the water (which is a lot of tiny islands made of rock) and what I was seeing on the maps did not vibe in my head. I stopped our forward progress and checked all the maps -- we have three or four active at any given time -- to see if I missed anything. Yep, the green was waaaaaaay over there. I slowly made my way back to the channel, grumbling that Navionics is trying to kill us.

We got a text from our buddy boat: Just felt like ducking into the US? For whatever reason, Navionics sent us out of our way to get to the US only to come back to Canada to anchor. Always got to be on your toes. Especially from homicidal software.

The red/black line is the Canada/US border.
The most direct route would have been to stay
on the green line. All those black dots
are ROCKS!

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