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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Chillin' on the Lake

Nicely protected we decided to simply stay anchored in the middle of the Lake of the Isles. We've had a number of small adventures, even staying put.

Hannah and Russ did some rock jumping.
Hannah made this spiffy vid, too!

Russ and I decided to do some grocery shopping when I discovered there was a dinghy dock near a small store. Getting there was a bit wet, since there was decent chop on the St Lawrence. But the ride down the creek was very interesting. Like boating in people's back yards.

As we returned I took this pic of our boats rafted together. Russ asked, "Do they look closer to that shore to you?"

Yeah, they do. Turns out David was waiting for us when we got back. We'd been dragging for a while. They went and reset an anchor. Meanwhile, Russ did this for the next 30 minutes...

All is well, now. We do like this anchorage so we'll stay until Thursday or Friday. Then it's off to Boldt Castle.

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