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Sunday, August 20, 2023

3 crazy quick days (Lake of Isles, Boldt Castle, Clayton, Cape Vincent)

Friday afternoon, while on the hook in the Lake of the Isles, the anchor started to drag. Between 30 knot winds and us rafted to Highwind we added enough weight to make it a problem. So we detached ourselves and headed to Boldt Castle, around 3 pm. We'd anchored there before, so we were confident of the holding, and it was in a more sheltered little bay. After they finished work Hannah and David picked up their anchor and joined us, around 6 pm or so.

First thing Saturday we headed to the castle. Still as opulent and jaw-dropping as it was in 2019 when we last visited. Only this year, because the water levels weren't nutso high, we could tour the boat house as well.

David took this with the drone Friday night.
If you click it you can see us... on the left, middle of the water.

Behold. Boldt Castle.
Construction started in 1901, but it was never completed.
It was halted in 1904, when Mrs. Boldt unexpectedly passed away.
It's said Mr. Boldt never visited the island ever again.

Left to rot in the elements many of it's rooms have been 
restored by the Thousand Island Highway Authority.

The domed stained-glass ceiling in the center of the castle.

It's not the intention to finish it, only to bring it to the same
point as when Mr. Boldt left.



'Nuff said.

After that we had a late brunch on the boats (Hannah made banana waffles, and we donated scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes), we all headed to Clayton. We got in early enough we did a quick tour of the Antique Boat Museum there. Then we all went off and had dinner, where I had arancini for the very first time ever!

There were many amazing homes built on these islands.
I took pics of some of the most lovely ones as we traveled.

Lack of roads meant you need access to boats to build.
This is why the area holds so many fancy houses.

Only the very, very rich could buy and build here.

Dinner in Clayton
The next morning we all lazed about until 11 am or so, and had another breakfast, this time blueberry pancakes. Both of us got underway, but we're parting for a while. Highwind made a dash to get to Oswego, on the south side of Lake Ontario. Given they work they didn't want to do a time consuming crossing during the week.

We, on the other hand, we picking a better "go day". So we sidled up to the town dock in Cape Vincent where we'll stay a night or two. Our current plan is to cross the great lake Tuesday.

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