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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Fulton to Brewerton, marina

This is the first marina we've been in since Kingston, Canada!

It appears from our departure and arrival times that the day was long. We did have to go through 3 locks, 2 on the Oswego and 1 on the Eerie Canal. We started the day a bit later, given we didn't have far to go.

But we had an hour break (or longer) when we got to Phoenix. While in Lock 1 David noticed that the quaint town had a distillery. We all pulled over and tried out their stuff. Russ and I had a small pizza for lunch.

SAMPLES ONLY! We were still cruising. Just wanted to clear that right up.

Russ and I took a walk while in Fulton. This is the waterfall
from a bridge. You can see the boats in the distance on the left.

While on that walk we spied something in the bushes. We thought
they were buoys of some kind. Turned out they were mushrooms.
Backpack for scale!

Heading back to the boats after lunch.
Before we got into our slip we fueled up, arriving with 19% in the tanks. The weather was perfect, the breeze refreshing. No rain, despite the predictions we'd have some. Excellent day.

We're here for more than a week. Russ is hoping to get a solid answer to the small antifreeze leak we've had since leaving Baltimore, and hopefully get it fixed. We hoped to have the boat detailed, but alas, that will not happen. All the detailers here are single person businesses, and our boat is just too big. Funny, that's the same reason we want to hire it done!

Gorgeous boating day.

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