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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Brewer to Kingston, anchor

Since we had an hour or so of travel to the lock we started around 7:30 am. Of late we've been rafted onto Highwind which meant they were the only anchor in the water. Very handy for us, but a bother for them, since raising the anchor means untangling the thing from weeds. There have been mornings they can't even see the anchor, it's so wrapped in greenery when it comes up. And, trust me, they have a huge anchor.

After a bit of winding and twisting waterways we got the the last locks of Canada that we'll do this season. Another 4 of them, to be precise. Someone was already on the blue line when we arrived, but they volunteered to let us get down together before him. We genuinely appreciated that.

We tried making reservation in Kingston a while ago and they were booked. We chalked that up to the Quebec-2-week-long holiday, as this was the last weekend. But no. Turns out there was a boat race this weekend, which was a large draw for boaters who want to anchor out and watch. We will be in a marina Monday and Tuesday, though.

Waiting for the last Canada lock.
Kingston is just on the north side of the St. Lawrence River. If you turn right you head to Lake Ontario. We'll turn left and head to the Thousand Islands. These will be the last bit of exploring we'll do this summer, then we'll start the voyage back south.

We've had an amazing visit in Canada this year.

Boater Note: The Kingston marina is crazy expensive. $30 per side. Plus tax. Sadly we had to do one side but plan in the future not to need that when we're here.

Heading down the 3-step part, under a very busy 
railroad bridge. Gorgeous day, too.

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