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Monday, August 14, 2023

Summerland to Lake in the Isles, anchor

Nestled between a couple of the bigger islands was the Lake of the Isles. We had a couple of days to chill before moving on, surrounded by land, this should make a good calm hidey-hole from any weather. Not that we're expecting much.

Russ and I left the anchorage earlier to check out the lake before Highwind joined us. There was some disparity between our charts about the depths getting into the lake. We thought we'd investigate before everyone had to commit.  The entrance was a little shallow, but the worst we saw was 4.5 feet beneath our keel. Heck. We only need 1.

Dawn's happening later and later.
When we got to the mapped "anchor here" location we could only grab weeds. We tried different locations, but still only weeds. The water was so clear, I could see them from the helm. We moved out into the lake a bit, Russ looking over the rail, until he found a clear patch. He dropped the anchor at that moment, and it bit into sand.

Everytime we bring up a weedy anchor
it needs to be cleaned before we set it again.

As the day went on nearly 15 to 20 other boats came out to swim or suntan. Families set up swim inflatable platforms, kids jumped from rocks, and jet skis buzzed about in the sun. It's Monday. I swear, no one works anymore.

A panoramic of aaaaaall the little boats around us.

Getting to the lake. You'll see us slow when we
enter the thinner section, both of us watching depth.

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