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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Cape Vincent to Oswego, wall

Days ago we'd had our eye on Tuesday as being our "go day." The winds have been pretty unpleasant, blowing hard from the West, making nasty water on the east side of the lake, where we were. Monday the winds were predicted to come from the north, which they did, but a lot harder than predicted. While not great a north wind would be acceptable given we're headed south.

This morning things looked calm. We didn't hesitate at all -- up at 5:30, had some coffee, and out we went.

The 5 hour ride went perfectly. No engine issues, no weather issues, no water issues. We even got through the lock with ease.

The plan is to be here for a few days then head to Brewerton this weekend. We'll be there for a week or so getting some repair work done and (fingers crossed) detailed. The boat is filthy! She's over due for a good cleaning.

Just past those islands is Lake Ontario.

And about 4 hours later, in the distance, Oswego.

inQuest on the wall between Lock 8 and Lock 7, which you can see.
This way we have no weather to deal with, since we're behind the
lock wall. You can see the river rushing on the right.

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