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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

West Bay to Morten Bay, anchor

Busy day for the crew of inQuest!

Since we rafted with Highwind last night we tossed our lines first and made for the grey line of the Jones Falls locks. Meanwhile, Highwind had to dump a ton of weeds their anchor accumulated, then they got on the blue line. Hannah had to work all morning so we crewed to get their vessel through the 4 locks, 3 of which were steps.

Then we walked back to the top and locked down inQuest.

That all sound easy but there were a bunch of boats at the lock. That means waiting for groups to lock up before we could lock down.

A bit rainy at times, hot at times, cooler at times. It was a confused weather day. Yet we got anchored in a lovely little bay. Gonna be here for a couple of nights too, which will be a nice change. Been on the move for a while now.

The park at Jones Lock. They put flowers in old tree stumps.

Waiting on the grey line. The first lock is just ahead on the right.

Highwind is NOT the first boat. The guy ahead was pretty insistent
that he be first. Sometimes, it's all about egos... or something.

From inQuest, at the top of the 3-step chambers.

Got in just before a little rain.

The anchorage is surrounded by rocky islands.

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