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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Valcour Island to Rouses Point, ball

I could throw a rock and hit Canada right now.

We picked one last stop for Amazon packages and groceries before crossing the border. Rouses Point was the very last to do either. We'll be here a couple nights.

Last night we made a great call anchoring where we did. We hardly noticed the 20 knot winds that blew on and off all night. When we got underway this morning, however, we had to deal with churned up water. Been a while since we bounced. Once we turned north it was on our stern and hardly noticeable.

Valcour Island, lovely place
When we picked up our mooring ball, however, noticeable. The field was pretty open to the south. The winds will die as the day goes on, and tomorrow should be calm. But trying to pick up the pendant to get settled was a bit tricky, hampered by the fact that the line was tangled on the moor, so Russ struggled to get it sorted and us hung.

Not smooth and glassy, like it's been for days.
We'll probably stay on the boat tonight and explore tomorrow when the weather is better.

Burgees out and ready to hang. the courtesy Canadian flag,
and the yellow quarantine flag. We'll put both on before we head out
in a couple of days. We'll immediately get to the border checkin, 
and should be able to take off the yellow one at that time.

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  1. Russ and Jax, Keith Jahn pointed me to this site...OMG what a trip you two are on! I went to school in Plattsburgh so am quite familiar (not as well as you are) with Lake Champlain and Valcor island etc. It was great seeing faces in pictures after so long, neither of you have changed! I hope you are enjoying the trip and I look forward to more updates. Nora M. Denzel