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Friday, June 30, 2023

Rouses Point to Saint Jean (O Canada!), wall

The check-in office of Canada opened at 8am. We were on their dock around 7:45. Hannah and David needed to work today, so we wanted to get this done as soon as possible, then get on the Saint Jean town wall by 10:30 am.

Once in another country subtle things changed, like the ATONs, which are skinny here. Also, this side of Lake Champlain had a lot more fishermen than the US side. Both require permits, but I'm guessing Quebec is just a little more liberal about who can fish. Or it's cheaper. Or it's a holiday so more folks just out.

We did watch for those little boats, slowing quite a bit so not to wake them; don't want to piss off a foreign country on your first day here.

Checking into Canada...
Otherwise the trip was uneventful. 

Just a note: It's the Friday before Canada Day. Saint Jean, what I'm sure is usually a sleepy town, is starting to ramp up it's celebrations. Could be an interesting night... could be interesting cruising the locks tomorrow.

Before checking in. Yellow flag and Canada Flag.

And after. We're officially welcome, so gone is
the yellow. But while we cruise we'll wave a
courtesy country flag.
Last sunset in the US.

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