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Friday, June 9, 2023

Hudson to Shady Harbor, marina

Last evening we got together with Hannah and David for some beer. Only then did we hear that while we were in Hudson the winds had some up and wreaked just a tad of trouble. Nothing happened ultimately but Highwind's anchor had trouble sticking when the tide changed. The winds came from pop-up storms, so they didn't last long, thankfully. We discussed future "what to do"s in case we have a similar situation.

The night, however, was calm.

Early up and out. Short day again, but we had the tide with us ending in a slack tide for docking at Donavon's Shady Harbor. Both of us were tied up and starting work or chores by 10 in the morning.

This just happens to be a big weekend for the marina. It's their annual pig roast. That's looper favorite; we're surrounded by white, gold, and platinum flags. Given we don't eat meat we've never been. It's just a fluke that we're here now.

Overcast, but at least there's no smoky haze.
The Highwind crew is heading to Seattle for a week come Sunday. Meanwhile, we'll start on a litany of tasks we've accumulated over the last couple of weeks, like stopping the coolant leak in the starboard engine...

... and fixing the generator...

... and putting in another commode in the guest room...

... and installing a new throttle...

We're on the "Endeavour dock". Left to right is Beachside,
inQuest, and 4th Dimension. We're here for repairs. 
They're here for the pig.

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