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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Saugerties to Hudson, anchor

Since we didn't get a chance to do anything once we arrived in Saugerties we all decided to stay and extra day. That gave me the opportunity to do my laundry. The low that had been slamming us with smoke from the Canada fires was also keeping the temps cooler than normal. So instead of shorts (of which I have a bunch) I'm wearing my 3/4 pants, of which I have a weeks' supply.

That did give us a night in the town of Saugerties. Around 6 pm we dinghy-ed to the town dock and walked about a 1/2 mile heading to a Mexican place in town. However, we passed a big hotel/restaurant and for some reason all of us called an audible and changed course. Blackbarn was NOT to be missed. We had an amazing meal with amazing drinks followed by an amazing desserts. I hope we can do it again on our way back.

Highwind and inQuest, side by side
The travel was short getting to Hudson. We lifted anchors around 8:45 am and headed north. Just near town was an island the separates it from Athens. We dropped the anchor just off it.

After a little research I discovered that my plans to get my nails done in Shady Harbor was going to be a challenge. There's just no town there. Russ dropped the dinghy and we traveled into the cute town of Hudson and walked the 2 miles to a nail place (hey, we seriously needed the excercise!). He got a Covid booster at the Walgreens while I was at the salon. Then we walked back, managing to miss the small bouts of rain that happened on and off the day.

The lighthouse near Hudson
The air continues to be an issue. Alerts fill our phones daily. We're just a tad concerned there won't be a Canada to visit when we get there.

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