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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Burlington to Valcour Isl., anchor

Sunday I arranged for a group of us to have mani-pedis in town. From there we all went to a brewery. Two, to be honest. They were right across the street from one another. Then we all rode a bus back to the boats. The busses are free... wee!

Russ was expecting a package Monday from Amazon that (of course) did not show up. But we used the day to do a little Costco shopping, so it wasn't a total waste. Beside, Burlington is a nifty little town. The only downside was that their mayfly season just started. Both our vessels are filthy with carcasses.

(Editor's Note: Post Covid Amazon totally sux.)

Before we headed out we topped off our fuel. We're trying to get to Canada with as much as possible so we don't have to buy much (if any) while there. Ya'll complain about fuel prices here, but let me tell ya, way worse in the rest of the world.

Downtown Burlington

After fueling we did a short trip across the lake back to upstate New York, and anchored on the north side of Valcour Island. Winds are supposed to come up and from south, and this should keep us in the lee.

Bus ride back to the boats.
L to R: Hannah, David, Jaimie...

Trish, Russ, and me.
(we may have had too many beers...)

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