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Monday, June 5, 2023

Croton -> Poughkeepsie -> Kingston, anchor

We left Croton-On-Hudson early since all parties felt it would be a longer day. The plan was to get to Kingston and anchor there for 2 nights. As we passed Poughkeepsie, however, the crew of Highwind mentioned they'd never been. Quick change of plans -- let's stop there instead.

Highwind dropped their anchor first and we rafted to them. By this time the wind was up making the water a bit choppy. Undaunted, they dropped their dinghy and all 4 of us piled in and headed to town. We walked up the hill to the Zeus Brewery. 

We started with dessert! And beer, of course, because these folks clearly know how to do lunch. Later we also got an order of fries and a salad, just to pass the afternoon off as healthy. We followed all of that with a victorious game of Hanabi. Then took the walk back.

The day started out gorgious. This stretch, near
North Point, is one of the most pretty.
The boats had swung (which we knew would happen) from the change of tide. Fun fact: The Hudson River flows 2 ways. We dinghy-ed back to the vessels to hear Highwind's anchor alarm was going off. The anchor did drag a little before resetting. The winds were even higher and the chop was getting crazy.  No one wanted to stay in the bouncy river. We decided to keep to Plan A and head to Kingston.

We followed these boats, Blue Moon and
Blessing Again.
None of the marinas has space so we picked out an anchorage way up the river. This time we anchored bow-to-stern with both anchors deployed. We dropped ours first and set it, then behind us Highwind dropped theirs, then they back until we're side by side. This way even though the river is narrow-ish we won't spin. It's a handy way to anchor with a buddy boat.

Great, quiet spot. But a longer day than we'd planned.

North Point

Lots of quaint, old lighthouses along the Hudson

Getting lines on for the night.

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