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Sunday, June 4, 2023

NYC to Croton-on-Hudson, anchor

While our day in NYC was sunny with temps in the low 90s, today was overcast with a high of 65. Windy as heck. That made for a choppy New York Harbor experience. Which, frankly, it always is for some reason.

Our late start was due to several reasons. Short day (so no reason to rush). Packages (Russ hoped to get some packages that were to be delivered Friday but were not. The dockmaster told us their mail comes in the late afternoon. Too long to wait).

Farewell, NYC. Until September!
We traveled with Highwind up the Hudson, dodging the occasional ferry and tour boat while bumping along the chop. About the time we reached The Cloisters things started to calm down.

The terrain changed from city scape to green hills in this section. Stunning, even on a dreary day.

Great city views up this way.

The Cloisters!

Once we got anchored Highwind just rafted to us for the night.

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