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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Fort Ticonderoga

No Rush, Highwind, and inQuest
Photo by David and his trusty drone.
One could come to Ticonderoga and not go to the fort, but that would be silly. It's one of the oldest fort in the country, and been under 3 different country flags. That's worthy of some investigation.

Roughing our way to and from the fort
Doors open at 10 am. Around 9 we all gathered at the dinghies and headed to the fort. While they have a fancy dock with a tour boat, us common folk aren't allowed to use it. So we beached ourselves on land and headed afoot up to the fort. We got there around 9:30 am. They were quite surprised to see us, since there's a gate down below you're supposed to drive through and pay to enter. We felt a little like Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys who snuck up and took over the fort for the Revolution in May of 1775! (Okay... I didn't know that small fact until we got here.)

Our boats in the distance under the guns of the fort.

Most of this is reconstrutction.

The brown roofed building is more original, the red roofed, not so much.

Watching the musket demonstration below.
There's a dog there that was very unhappy at the noise.

This is us.
Since this fort is private owned and operated. It isn't uncommon for there to be demonstrations and guides dressed in period garb, but given the fort's long history they try to represent more of the story. As a result, this season they are dressed for the year 1760, which was a year of peace at the fort, and under British rule. The costume are all made and maintained there. We also got to see a woman doing laundry (boiling sheets right on site), cooking in a fire pit, and a fire arms demonstration.

Given that the place was destroyed a number times (to keep it from falling into the hands of the enemy) not much of it is original. Most of it had been rebuilt. And it continues to be reconstructed.

Chasing Highwind and No Rush up Lake Champlain

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