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Friday, November 20, 2020

Vero Beach, marina

Always moving just
a little east, every day.
Last night on the ball was a bit noisy but of late I'm getting used to the sound of water splashing on our hull. I used to need earplugs, now I sleep fine. Which is good, since there was a lot of it. Winds continue to batter the east coast. They did die down just before dawn.

Getting off the ball was very easy and we were underway around 7 am. I'd made a proclamation about spending no more than 5 hours underway. Seems like a decent time to call it a day. But we pushed it a little today. With the holiday coming the only marina that had space for us was the SunText Vero Beach Marina (aka Loggerhead until recently). We wanted to stay for a week somewhere while we do the holiday thing. These folks had space. I wanted to get in and get settled if possible, so we put in an 8 hour day. You know, like work.

Docking was a little nerve wracking because there was some wind. In hindsight we agreed that we're both a little gun shy now after St. Augustine. It went like clockwork. We just were too wound up to see that. (See what I did there?)

Yes, that pad, that one right there... stop looking at me!
Our bad luck continues to follow us. Lizzie is still being trained to use a piddle pad on the boat. She needs to learn this because there will be times when getting her to shore is right out! Like, for example, off the gulf coast where the only land around is infested with alligators. Right out! For whatever reason, she hates that piddle pad. That dog will hold it for 24 to 36 hours. However, if we aren't looking, she'll relieve herself on the carpet of our master bedroom. Let me be clear, going on the boat isn't the issue, it's going on the boat on the pad we bought for her that is... right out! So while underway I closed the bedroom door to ensure she doesn't do just that. Which in reflection was a silly thing to do since she's upstairs with us and we have a gate so she can't come down. However, I did it. And when I needed to go into the bedroom later the door was locked.

The tongue of the lock is no more.
If you recall from when we first got the boat we discovered that the locks on these stateroom doors were invented by a moron. You can only lock and unlock them from the inside -- you cannot unlock them from the outside. Ever. Usually interior doors have a small hole that you can put a key (typically a tiny flathead screwdriver-like thing) to unlock. NOT THESE! You cannot unlock them for any reason. Seriously, who needs that kind of privacy on a boat?!

Russ removed the trim around the door then took a hacksaw to the tongue to cut it. And that's how we got the door opened. 

Not near as "Mission Impossible" as the last time.

We accidentally locked the guest stateroom. To get into it
Russ took out the vac system, then made his way through
the closet into the room. You can see his feet.
Kinda like boat spelunking.

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