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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Savannah life

So far the weather predictions from a few days ago have been spot on. Hurricane Eta remains unknown in direction, zigzagging through central America and upward into the gulf. We never thought it, specifically, was going to be a problem, but the winds it is drawing from make all our winds easterly. And a bit blustery. Thankfully, we saw this ahead of time and made our reservations. Other boaters, now coming to the same conclusion, are being turned away. The place packed up!

Russ is taking this time to polish the boat. I am being lazy, taking care of laundry, food, and the dog to appear busy. Personally, I don't mind being still. I rather enjoy the "do nothing" life.

Lizzie is not amused. But I was.

Original Pancake House has outdoor seating!
Also, Russ is a pokey eater.

Waving at friends as they cruise by.

Remember when we pulled in I mentioned we squeezed between 
2 boats to get to our slip?
Then a very large Beneteau squeezed by us to get to his. We are packed in!

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