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Sunday, November 29, 2020

...two more things

 First, a quick rant.

All the way down the coast we'd been following Bob423's route. Russ found a way of downloading the route into the chart plotter where we simply press a "follow route" button and the boat drives itself. Once we turned westward, leaving the Atlantic behind us, we lost that cool feature since Bob kept heading to Miami and we did not. Russ missed the "self driving" thing. Moreover, we were about to cross Lake Okeechobee so such a feature would be handy... there's like 90 minutes in one direction. Should be trivial.

So we asked the chart plotter to plot a route to LaBelle in hopes we could follow that.

What our chart plotter wanted us to do. WRONG!

What Navionics wanted us to do. Right!

The last time we tried the chart plotter to calculate a route was on the Potomac. We got the sense that it was trying to kill us, sending us precariously close to shore as it tried to smooth out the ride up the twisty river. Now we're convinced it is, in fact, trying to kill us. It has our boat's specs: it knows how much we draft, for example. Yet it sent us into "grass" labeled waters with 2.9 feet of depth. We draft 3 1/2 feet. The chart plotter thinks we draft 6.

We knew the route was ridiculous and didn't try it. But some inexperienced boater very well may. 

Second, a small victory. While locking through Moore Haven Lock, my dog used the piddle pad. So... yay! She got big smooches and a treat.

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