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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Jekyll Island (hurricane coming, quick, run towards it!)

Admittedly, it's questionable to head down toward the danger; puts one in a special category with storm chasers and firemen. But we believed Hurricane Eta would totally fall apart over Florida, and once it got to the east coast would be just a bunch of rain. So far, that seems to be correct. It will bring wind in the morning, so we decided to stay 2 nights here, even thought travel tomorrow afternoon would be doable.

We got underway before 7 am, and docked on Jekyll Island Marina just before 5 pm. Very long day, but  we had more favorable currents than unfavorable ones, which pushed and pulled us right along. We had some extended periods where we traveled over 10 knots, which is big for us.

Is it live or is it Memorex?
Throughout the day we traded seats so neither of us got tired driving. A few places were thin, but we were lucky with tides, and hit them while rising or with depth. The advantage of Georgia's 8 foot tidal swings -- mid-tide you get 3+ feet under your keel. It does mean occasionally, however, we cruise at 6 knots against a formidable current. 

Remnants from the car carrier, Golden Ray.
It ran aground SO HARD to remove it it has 
to be dismantled, piece by piece.
Russ also did a feat of engineering. He downloaded "The Bob" route into our autopilot. Now we can just push a button and the boat will follow the route. Cat 'n' Dogs had a similar feature, but it only told you a waypoint was coming up and you, the pilot, had to accept it with a push of a button. Otherwise the boat did NOT turn. Which, we argue, is absolutely not what you want to have happen. If I don't accept a waypoint, the boat should stop, for heaven's sake. Anyway, this autopilot actually autopilots; turns the boat to follow the route and doesn't bother to ask permission to do so. Kinda cool, albeit scary in places. Tight turns and shallow waters provided too much excitement for us. But long stretches with few turns are now much simpler.

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